Most of these projects were done for fun and solely created by myself, but AbleTube is the product of the HackRice 11 Hackathon at Rice University.

Tab-less Togglable

Chrome extension that lets you toggle between tabbed mode and tab-less mode

June 2022


Printed circuit board designs and working code for an ATtiny84-powered digital wristwatch

December 2021


Chrome extension that enables motor-disabled people to use YouTube

September 2021

Number Reverse Engineering

Program designed to determine expressions of numbers based on rational approximations

August 2021


GPU-optimized Linear Algebra library in C++ and OpenCL for vectors and matrices

June 2021


A 9-key keyboard designed for speedy note-taking

May 2021

Lab Reports

I took two Physics courses at Rice: Honors Mechanics and Honors Electricity & Magnetism. I placed a substantial amount of effort into the lab reports for these courses.


Honors Electricity & Magnetism

April 2021

Resistor-Capacitor Circuits

Honors Electricity & Magnetism

March 2021

Charges and Fields

Honors Electricity & Magnetism

February 2021


Honors Mechanics

December 2020

Rolling Motion

Honors Mechanics

November 2020


Honors Mechanics

November 2020

Forces and Motion

Honors Mechanics

October 2020

Motion Analysis

Honors Mechanics

September 2020

Visual Arts

From time to time, I use Blender 3D to make images and animations.

Fluid Simulation

More animations in Blender 3D using its built-in fluid physics simulator

May 2021

Soft Body Simulation

Pretty animations in Blender 3D using its built-in soft body physics simulator

May 2021

Redstone Block

An artistic rendition of the Redstone block from the game Minecraft

May 2020

Music Composition

I occasionally use LMMS to produce original music.


February 2022

Gas Giant

November 2020

Electric Sky

April 2020